John Chancellor painted professionally for only 14 years and produced a relatively small number of paintings – approximately 70 oils and 60 watercolours.  Around 25 of his paintings were reproduced as limited edition prints.  Most of these are now sold out but around 12 are still available through

This gallery shows a selection of John’s paintings and limited edition prints, many of which have never been seen widely before. 

Please be aware that owing to differences in display on individual PCs or other digital screens, colours may vary and are not always a true reproduction of the original paintings. 

Prints available from Art Marine

‘From Under their Noses’, oil
Easterly Haze by John Chancellor
‘Easterly Haze’, oil
A Perfect Hurricane
‘A Perfect Hurricane’, oil
Survived by John Chancellor
‘Survived’, oil
Coasting by John Chancellor
‘Coasting’, watercolour
Sir Winston Churchill
Sir Winston Churchill’, oil
In Pursuit of 'Virginie'
In Pursuit of ‘Virginie‘, oil
Frigate Patrol by John Chancellor
‘Frigate Patrol’, oil
Day of the Men by John Chancellor
‘Day of the Men’, oil
Spring Tide Freight
‘Spring Tide Freight’, watercolour
Taking Bude After a Blow
‘Taking Bude After a Blow’, watercolour
Tubby Blake's Yacht
‘Tubby Blake’s Yacht’, watercolour

Other paintings by John Chancellor

‘And so to Allington Lock’, watercolour
‘Convoy Escort’, oil
‘Escape from Port William’, oil
‘Escape from Port William’, detail
‘Friday the 13th’, oil,
‘Hartland Overfalls’, oil,
‘HMS Beagle in the Galapagos’, oil
‘HMS Beagle in the Galapagos’, detail
‘Last Sail of the Day’, watercolour
‘London River Scene’, watercolour
‘Sorely Tried’, oil
‘Muffy’, oil
‘Big Sloop’, oil
Viper gets a Washing’, watercolour
‘Proud Little Coaster’, oil
‘Coaling Day’, oil
‘Cochranes Compensation’, oil
‘Embayed’, oil
‘Final Bid’, oil
‘Heading for London’, watercolour
‘HMS Victory in Pursuit of Nelson’, oil
‘The Famous Susan Vittery’, watercolour
‘Towing out of Boscastle’, watercolour
‘First Home’, oil
‘First Home’, detail
‘Butter Crock Wharf ‘, watercolour
‘Last of the Flood’, watercolour
‘Ground Swell’, oil,