The extraordinary maritime paintings of
John Chancellor (1925 – 1984)

The work of John Russell Chancellor is internationally recognised and he remains one of the world’s leading maritime artists. Originals rarely appear on the open market and invariably command high prices when they do.

This website, run by his daughter Tessa, aims to show John’s paintings to a wider audience and provide a background, not only on his work as an artist but as a seaman and family man, too.

A 52-page limited edition ‘John Chancellor: His Life and Work’ brochure, is available for sale through this website at only £8, plus postage and packing. Limited to a print run of only 500 copies, there are now very few copies still available.

Following the success of the John Chancellor Retrospective Exhibition, held in 2014 to mark the 30th Anniversary of his death, interest in John’s work was as keen as ever and there is a continued demand for his limited edition prints.  The untimely death of this man and his incredible talent at the age of 59 was a loss not only to those who knew him personally but also to the world of art.

The remaining stock of 12 limited edition prints of John’s work was until recently available through this website but is now available through https://artmarine.co.uk/collections/john-chancellor

For further information, please contact Tessa on 01264 772415 or email via the contacts page